Silver hardware tarnish on Chanel bag?

  1. Hi all,

    I hope I've posted in the right place, there's so many areas!

    I'm thinking of buying a Chanel bag from paixi for my wedding, I can see its clearly a genuine bag but parts of the silver hardware have tarnished and look black, I've read all the posts about tarnishing and can't see anyone else having a problem. I've also called Chanel and they said this shouldn't happen. Should I avoid the bag? Could it be repaired? I've been hunting for a 2nd hand medium beige/ivory flap bag for ages with silver hardware in my price range!

    Please advise!

    Thanks for any help,
  2. The chain can probably be replaced by Chanel, but not sure they can do it in time for your wedding. It can take upto 3 months to get something back from Chanel repair.
  3. All of my bags have silver hardware and yes, they do tarnish (some worse than others). Simply use a chamios cloth and buff the silver (you can use a silver cloth also if the tarnish doesn't simply buff/wipe off). Doesn't hurt the hardware at all. My oldest bag is 10 and it has the worst problem w/tarnish; I think this might have been when Chanel started coming out w/silver hardware. Not sure, but I know it was an Oooo, SILVER HARDWARE moment via me and the SA's, lol. HTH
  4. That's great, thanks for your help!

    New straps, I didn't think of that... I have 4 months till my wedding so will give them a call.