Silver Hardware Quality Question

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I am considering the black Epi Speedy 30 as my next purchase. Can anyone tell me if the silver coloured hardware stands up as well as the gold? My mono LV's are older and so have the solid brass hardware which is so easy to maintain.

    Any comments, for and against, would be really appreciated!!
  2. I have a red Epi Speedy with silver hardware, the hardware is holding up great, it looks good as new. This is a bag I use every day for 3 years. (I think 3 years).
  3. The silver hardware of my epi brea looks great and very shiny. I think it'll wear better than the gold as the 'tarnish' won't be too obvious.

    I also think the silver hardware makes the bag look young and modern too which is how I like it.
  4. I epi speedy hardware is very shiny still.