Silver Hardware on Balenciagas.

  1. I only have one Bbag the bronze in my avatar and I love it! I purchased a white one a few weeks ago and ended up returning it because I didn't like the contrast of the "regular hardware" against the white. I have a magenta on hold and eventhough I love the bag I can't get past the color of the hardware. I know now that I really like the silver. Do any of you experts know when the silver hardware will be back or was that just for a certain year? much thanks
  2. i want it to come back soon too! I wish!
  3. From what I have heard there is no plans for it to come back. I love the silver too!
  4. the silver hardware stopped in s/s '04 :sad: I also love the silver hardware, one of the reasons why I'm in love with the old bbags!
  5. It's funny--I just recently acquired the bronze Classique and although I love the color of the leather, the one thing that irritates me is that I feel the hardware should be the antiqued brass--that it would blend in more with the bronze. Ha! To each his own, right?
  6. I'm with you, susan-eric - that's the only thing that put me off getting something in the bronze, which I think is just gorgeous otherwise.
  7. OK, I am super new around here, but within 24 hours of joining I had bought my first city b-bag. I am addicted.

    But I detest the color of the hardware. I love silver. I don't wear anything with gold.... and the antique color is not me.

    I need silver to make me fall completely head over heels.

    (And also, I loved the light colored suede interiors of my MJ bags, too... that was too cool.)
  8. I dont like the silver hardware...I think it looks cheap.....the pewter is awesome....
  9. mmm i would love it if the bbags had that pewter hardware from before... so luscious. I dont wear anything with gold at all- hate gold actually. I currently am using my four pocket balenciaga tote now- and it has silver hardware. solves that problem for a little while...

    but I think some colors look good w/ brass though- eggplant, teal, bordeaux, chocolate, calcaire... fabulous! But I would love a white or black work with pewter hardware! :love:
  10. I would love a black city with silver or pewter hardware. That would totally rock. I am not of big fan of the brass either.
  11. I don't like the way the silver hardware contrasts. I think it looks cheap too.
    Funny how everything it SO subjective!
  12. i have an old o4? blue city with silver hardware i pulled out today. it looks great!
  13. ^ everytime you post, my heart beats faster! I want photo's :smile:
  14. please post photos chaussurewhore! interesting to see that blue 04 city if its the same witn amours royal blue 04 with pewter hardware
  15. ok guys, i will get a photo session going as soon as i get my 2002 caramel back next week. my blue city with silver is like a denim color blue, deeper then royal. it is leather, not denim. i just need my own camera and an upload lesson! p.s. i would like to buy some different color bals and will need to sell a few to get dollars to do so.:yes:
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