Silver Guccissima leather bags -- how limited are they?

  1. Does anyone know?

    I may get one of these, either the "princy" boston or the tote (the leather is sooo pretty) instead of fighting for a spot on the waitlist for an LV miroir lockit, and it's less expensive than the miroir too (the princy tote at least).

    It's a spring/summer style? Do you think these will sell really well and will be sold out pretty soon? (If I decide to go ahead with it, knowing how much "shopping" I do in my mind but I never carry it out, I'd be purchasing this in July/August)

    The one in the white leather is beautiful too--is that one seasonal/LE/whatever it is in Gucci lingo? :p

  2. It is for s/s only . Gucci goes on sale in june, maybe it will be apart of the sale, never know. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the info sjunky13, I'm not used to something going on sale (with LV it never happens!) so I forgot about the sales! :nuts:

    love2travel, I agree with you somewhat, at least the Gucci ones are real leather, probably more durable too! I love the Miroir, but it's just not durable enough to be used as an every day bag :sad: I've maybe used mine for 6-7 times max since I've gotten it in December.
  4. I think it is much prettier than the LV.
  5. i do like the Gucci mirror bags, they're done very nicely.
  6. I love the Gucci mirror bags :smile:

  7. And there are threads about people's miroir bags falling apart at the seams, so they're obviously cheap pieces of crap. LV is seriously screwing people over charging $1000's for that plastic mess. :wtf:
  8. I want one really bad!!!
  9. you know whats weird, ive actually never heard of anyone having a huge problem finding a bag that they sure once in a while things will go out of stock but i feel like if you want it bad enough, gucci will find it for you!

    GOOD LUCK :smile: and hottttt choice
  10. I soo agree with this!!
  11. i like it!
  12. I haven't seen that many threads about it, and I frequent the LV forum :confused1:
    I have the pochette and it's holding up quite well. I know a lot of people use theirs as every day bags and they're holding up fine...too scared to use my pochette as an every day bag though. Those people must be super careful!
    Yeah, the quality on the Miroir is kind of so-so...I still prefer LV overall though (don't kill me!), but these Guccis are beautiful! :tender:
  13. i think the tote is gorgeous! i love the bow tied strap..its a fun bag
  14. PrincessMe! Thank you for posting that picture. That is a beautiful item, right there!!!