Silver GST/PST anyone?

  1. Saw these late last year in a couple of Chanel boutiques in Hongkong and have since regretted not buying...especially because i've never seen them again in any of the u.s. stores.

    Both the GST and PST were to die for in silver. wonder if anyone in the forum has one..would definitely love to see it again.
  2. I'd love to see it in silver! I hope someone has one that they can post. I bought a gold one last year at the Chanel store on Spring Street in NYC. What I loved about it was that the hardware was silver. I find that most gold bags have gold hardware. (I'm not a fan of gold hardware.) I've posted these pics on other threads, but I can't help showing her off.


  3. wow kat! she's gorgeous! the silver one is quite similar,just as beautiful. did the store have a lot in stock when you bought yours?
  4. is that a GST or a PST?
  5. Mine is a PST. I don't remember there being a lot of them on display, but the store is kind of small. Why not give them a call and see if they have one? The phone number for that store is (212) 334-0055. The address is: 139 Spring Street, NYC. I hope you find one. Good luck!:p
  6. I also have a PST, but I'm not completely satisfied with my white.. I don't know.. Maybe because I have my eyes on the GST? Ohhhh.. I can't really satisfy myself... Damn!
  7. OMG I love that color Kat!! it's not too blingy either, so gorgeous!
  8. I love that color !