Silver Grease Paint Simples - my first pair!

  1. Today I took my love of shoes to the next level. :yahoo: I saw the silver ones and they were just beautiful. I loved the light aqua-blue Simples as well, but they were a bit bright for me and I don't think they would match anything I wear. I had my heart set on a pair of Very Prives but my city sucks and we don't have anything. I was lucky to get these! Thanks for all your suggestions and hopefully there are more to come! I would have taken more pics but my ankles look like a crackhead's right now. (I have scabs from itchy dry winter skin - yuck!) The pic captures the shimmery silver pretty well. Thanks for looking!!!
    silver grease paint louboutins.jpg
  2. WOW!!!! Those are fantastic. Where did you find them? I have not seen them anywhere. THey look great on your feet. Congratulations on you first CL defintely won't be your last. :yahoo:
  3. They look so pretty, congrats!
  4. Thank you! You are so sweet! I am unnaturally veiny, as these pics indicate. So what is the deal with these red soles that you get the cobbler to put on?

    Oh and Lynn I got these at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, Canada. I think they are SS 08.
  5. There is a thread about it buy they are thin rubber soles that you can have your cobbler put on when your CLs are new or wait until you have worn down the sole. My cobbler has put black and brown rubber soles on my designer shoes that were worn down and it makes a worn out shoe look fantastic. I bought several of the red rubber soles online because they are in limited supply here in the States. My cobbler has never even seen them. I am not sure if I am going to put them on new CLs or wait until the sole has been worn down. I am new to the CL world also! But I warn you....your first purchase can quickly escalate into many more! It is an addictive drug and it is easier to justify the high price once you have taken the plunge.

    Congrats again. They are BEAUTIFUL.
  6. ^Lynn I am in LOVE with your glitter pair! They are amazing! What are you going to wear them with?

    I'm debating whether to try and find a cobbler who can re-sole them. I'm new to all this! These are potentially addictive because they cost less than a purse so it's like "Under a thousand? Not bad!"
  7. omg...those are sooo gorgeous!!! you have to teach me how to walk in high heels as I feel like an ostrich in them..

    more modelling pics! i want a front view of those fantastic shoes!!!
  8. those are gorgeous. congrats!
  9. girl those are lovely.
    Btw the best cobbler in vancouver is the quick cobbler. They are so sweet there sadly they don't have the red soles yet but i bought a couple on eBay and i'm gonna take them to him. he's located on west 2nd he has a website too
  10. Oh I love this shoe, it is so pretty. The simple pump is my favorite Louboutin style, and you can't go wrong with metallics! Congrats and wear them well.
  11. Wow, congrats! They are stunning!
  12. Congrats!!! I love them!
  13. YOU GOT THEM!!!! :yes::heart:

    If I see a hottie with TDF heels I'll know it's you! Grats! :yahoo:
  14. OMG, I love them! I want a pair! lol! Congrats!
  15. LOVE THESE!!!:love: