silver/gold hardware or original styles?

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  1. Why is it still so hard for me to make up my mind...? I plan to get a City Bbag. I was looking into only those silver/gold hardware styles, but, today I suddenly started thinking that the classic (original) style (the so-called 'aged brass hardware') look also fantastic. So I wanna ask for more opinions. Do you think those original styles are still in, or already out? Would you recommend a new buyer of Balenciaga should undoubtedly get those silver/gold hardware styles?

    It's really killing me... hahaha

  2. I don't think the regular hardware,rh as it is refered to is out! By no means, it all depends on what you like!
  3. I think all of them are still in fashion! It's crazy how Balenciaga bags last for seasons! People that bought a bag from 2002-2008 are still using there bags no matter if its RH, GGH, or GSH! =) It's up to you what kind of still you want to get. GGH is a stunning bag, while GSH and RH blends in with the bag. So if you want something that pops up, get a GGH, but if you want something that just is in low key, get GSH or RH. =) ;)
  4. i honestly think that the rh is classic and would never be out, especially in city style..
  5. for me RH all the way. the reason I am into bbags is because of its light weight.
    with giant hardward, the bags get heavy for me.
    and Rh is always classy.
    good luck
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.