Silver Glitter Slingbacks!?

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  1. Hi ladies...I don't post in here often, although I have posted a pic of my growing Louboutin collection months ago. I have been debating over these heels for awhile now. I have found them on ebay but they are priced up a bit and I'm just wondering how everyone that has them feels about them? I prefer the ALL silver glitter and feel like they would go with quite alot (dress wise, mostly). Looking for opinions? TIA!
  2. I orderd the silver, multi and black. Kept the multi over the silver. the silver just seemed to flashy and the multi goes with EVERYTHING!

    Check BG (you may have to call if they aren't online). That's where I ordered mine from. I think ~$800.
  3. I have the all silver version and I love them! Actually any version gets a thumbs up from me. I too was dismayed over the mark up on ebay. I was put off by the mark up from $690 to $815 or whatever it was (especially because it went on sale at but I wanted to have them. Have you checked with BG? They got shipments of them in August and I believe another one in October or November last year.
  4. Bergdorff's!? Interesting. THey aren't online, but I will call and inquire tomorrow. Thanks so much. I found them in ebay in my size for 999!!! And she has continued to relist for months!! Why she wouldn't lower the price is beyond me! must get many compliments when you wear them. They are so "dorothy from wizard of Oz" :smile:
  5. ^That's exactly what someone said to me! lol

    I do get compliments on them. They aren't for shrinking violets that's for sure.
  6. In the book, the shoes were silver, not red! :biggrin:
  7. That's a bit of trivia I never knew! Now I can say that when I wear them.
  8. Get out!!! I never knew that!! I like that bit of trivia ;)
  9. The glitters that BG has right now are silver, black, and gold. They are $815. ;)
  10. Do you guys know when they will get another shipment in?
  11. shirli said the boutiques will be getting them in different colors this fall.

  12. It's funny because my sister, who considers herself my fashion advisor thinks the silver is too subtle and the gold MC has more TA-DOW.
  13. :drool::drool::drool:
    Oooohh I wonder what colors?!
  14. I would never consider a glitter style on my own, but you are all making me want a pair!
  15. ^^^Do it! Do it!! Do it!!! Hahaha! Seriously, I have the MC and they go with soooo much! I've gotten so much wear outta them!