Silver Glitter NP's at NM - 38.5!

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  1. It's gone. :+( That was fast! I had it in my cart and after I put in my CC info and hit submit, a note popped up that said it was no longer available.
  2. damn i had it in my cart and poof before i could enter all my info it was gone!
  3. E, looks like the difference is one has silver heel/tip and the other gold?
  4. Hey Lav. But both pics show silver???
  5. I remember it being that way when they were both available, but you have to read the descriptions to make sure you were ordering silver vs. gold.
  6. hey there, oo - it's kinda confusing but i got my silver ones from a nm link that showed the silver shoes but the description said gold. it was kind of a crapshoot knowing which i'd actually ordered until i got them! luckily i love the silver so when i got them i was so glad.
  7. i love the silver glitter! my HG is the black glitter...i only saw them once on jennifer lopez and can't seem to find them anywhere. does anyone know what shoe i am talking about? name?
  8. I have these shoes, I got them at barney's in Las Vegas(I live there), before the CL boutique opened up. I love them, but they are gold leather. I was told by my SA that they were no longer available anywhere. I'd LOVE them in black glitter. Never saw them, though.
  9. ^^So gold leather with silver tip and heel?????