Silver Giant Hardware???

  1. OK, am I seeing this right??? We'd heard that the giant hardware was going to come out in silver, but I thought this was way later in the year...check these pics of a GH Part-time in Bleu de France that is currently on eBay--is it me, but does the hardware look Silver???


    If so, I think I'm really liking this!! Imagine how rockin' black or red will be with silver GH!!!!
  2. Definitely looks silver to me, larnette! Goodness, those came out fast, didn't they? Hmmm...not too sure what I think of them. These ones actually look more like thimbles than the gold ones do. :shrugs: :wtf:

  3. Yea, monsoon, I agree about the thimble thing, but I'll be curious to see the silver GH on the black bags--bet it'll be pretty rock n' roll! :rochard:
  4. The leather on the close-up shot looks fake to me...what do you think?
  5. Silver is a future thing, definitely not the current season.
  6. Not's listed for a BIN of $2199.99 and the seller consistently has a ton of VERY designer/runway stuff...I sent the seller a message to confirm that it is, indeed silver GH and to ask how in the world she got it!!

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post the auction number (and I'm sorry, if I'm not) but it's 280079789883. **Again, if MODS, if I'm not allowed to post this, feel free to remove and please accept my apologies! ;) **
  7. It looks like gold to me. :confused1:
  8. If it's silver, then the bag is fake. No such thing exists yet. More likely, it's a real bag and the photos are just making the hardware appear silver.

  9. Here are pics from the same seller (diff. auctions):


  10. I'll let you guys know what the seller says when/if she responds to my questions...:shame:
  11. The auction # isn't working for me....what's their ID?
  12. Sorry, might have typed it wrong--it's 280079789883.

    Seller ID--juliejss
  13. Reputable seller w/authentic products...maybe they purchased this in Italy?
  14. Looks like gold hardware to me. :confused1:
  15. ^^I agree. :push: