Silver Giant Hardware, Ink BBags available in this?

  1. I tried to search this forum for info on this question, but with no luck. I am in lust with the Ink color. Does anyone know if this bag, Ink Work, will be available in the SGH?
  2. No, ink was an 06 color and SGH didn't come out until this year. I wish it did though, ink would be sooo pretty with SGH!
  3. sorry but ink only comes with the regular hardwares since the color is from 06. the giant silver hardwares didn't come out till F/W 07. i am in love with ink too.
  4. Thank you fellow Ink lovers. <sniff> I will try and control my sorrow over this most depressing news. Hmm, perhaps if I find a different handbag to buy it will cheer me up.