Silver GG Sunnies from the Nordy's Sale! PICS!

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  1. So, before I made it in to work this morning, I stopped by the Nordy's sale just to check out the sunnies. I was debating between 3 different styles and finally decided to leave with these! :nuts:

    I don't have a pair of Gucci sunnies that have silver hardware and these caught my eye. Funky and fun!



    And now for a modeling shot. I chopped off my hair on Monday so you can see the new asymmetrical 'do. I let the stylist have free reign with my hair. Totally new style for me and I'm diggin' it. :smile:

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  2. wow.. it is cute.. it looks so good on you!!

    how much is it?? hahah now you are tempting me to check out the nordstrom sale heheh
  3. ang ganda!! love the new 'do!
  4. OK not only are those sunnies GORGEOUS, but so are YOU! I am loving your new cut and the glasses look so good with it! Pretty girl!
  5. super cute sunnies and I love your new do!! so Stylish!! so unique, love it!
  6. They were about 50% off at $149.90 after sale will go up to $295! :nuts:
  7. Salamat!

    Thanks Beenie and mv_envy!!
  8. They look great on you!
  9. Love the new hairstyle!!! Congrats on the gorgeous sunnies - I didn't see that pair at Nordies' during the presale...hmmm...
  10. love the sunglasses and loveee the hairrcut! your gorgeous~
  11. You're gorgeous, Flip! Love your new hair style and the new sunglasses, so cute.
  12. Love the sunglasses! They really look great on you and go with your new haircut!
  13. You are rockin' that new do. Love the glasses :heart:
  14. Aww you guys are all so sweet! Thanks wild child, GhstDreamer, tinad2004, Expy00, emald37 and harlem_cutie!!
  15. let me try my tagalog...maganda! i love the new sunglasses, but i love the new 'do' even more!!! you workin' them sunglasses, girl!