Silver Flap "Picture"

  1. Not sure if this picture was posted yet..InStyle Magazine Nov. Issue
  2. Is this the light or the dark silver?
  3. I love this bag!!It looks like the light to me
  4. It's definitely the light silver. The dark silver is more of a pewter/bronze color. Both are gorgeous, although the light silver is pretty blingy in person.
  5. it's the light silver. it really is very aluminum foil like in color.

  6. :roflmfao: thats what i thought - then i thought of a spaceman!

    But I bet its much better in real life :drool:
  7. WOW I love this!! But sooo blingy. Would I wear that?
  8. Pretty, but too blingy for me.
  9. It's is very very shiny in person.
  10. Hm.. would be nice to see this one in real.. It is so pretty!
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