Silver Coffer or the Gucci Indy Silver?

  1. Pix of the Gucci at Saks
  2. Definately the coffer!!
  3. It all depends on what you use it for and what you look for in a bag. The Gucci bag is more in style and edgier while the Coffer is more suttle and will be a classic.
  4. The Gucci handle looks unconfortable....go for the Coffer!
  5. yes I did think of that!
  6. ^^^

    the gucci is hot, but not as functional as the coffer, imho.
  7. Ewwww...those big-a$$ tassles on that Gucci...:throwup: IMO, THE COFFER! Hands down!
  8. i prefer the coffer.
  9. If the coffer is patent I'd pass. I hated how "sticky" the patent coffer sounded that I was handling was the other day.