Silver Cloudy Bowler @ Troy, MI

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  1. They have one large silver cloudy $976 & small cloudy $892 for presell. If anyone is interested, call Lisa Hamlin 2486358442. It's soo pretty & yummy!:yes:
  2. oh, that bag sure is yummy!
  3. does anyone have picts of what that looks like..
    i will check on the ref
  4. I just called her, she only has the small one, but if any of you like to have the large one, she can try to get it. I have asked her to look for the large white one for me.
  5. Argh....I keep on coming back to this thread and wondering to call or not to call since yesterday...this is torturous!!!:Push:
  6. same here, but i believe it's too late now.....
    thanks mylilsnowy for the info!
  7. The leather is TDF!Someone should get it:smile:
    If NM troy doesn't have it, Lisa can help you to find it:tup:
  8. Anyone knows how much is the original price for the small one? :yes: thanks!
  9. does it come in any other color?
  10. metallic white and silver are on sale
  11. Well...well, I gave in 2 days ago and left a msg for Lisa. Anyway, she called me back today and told me about the good news. She is very helpful and sweet! Thanks to mylilsnowy, a Silver Cloudy Bowler is coming my way.:yahoo::heart::yahoo:
  12. Congrats! :yes:
    Are you getting the smaller silver bowler or the larger one?
  13. Thanks cestbonvoyage, I am getting the big one...can't wait!:yahoo:
  14. That is so great. I was told that the larger one is much more on demand! :heart: Lisa is awesome!

    Please post pic soon! :drool: