Silver Chloe Paddington $684 at Nordstrom!!

  1. I just went to Nordstrom's in downtown San Francisco the other day and saw a metallic silver Chloe Paddington on sale for only $684!! What a deal! I don't know if it's still available, but it's worth giving them a call if you're interested.

    I have to say, the deals at Nordstrom are great! I bought an olive Mulberry Roxanne for only $480 (marked down from $1195). They also had an ivory colored Mulberry Roxanne available for around $397. So if you've been thinking about getting a Mulberry, now is the time to do it!!
  2. wow.. that is a real deal! I want it now! :biggrin:
  3. What?!!! only $684!! What a deal!

    I wish they have Nordstorm here. :sad:
  4. did you see any mulberry phoebes there? thanks!
  5. Does Nordstrom ship to Canada, I wonder?

    You said the SF location? I'm looking for a Roxanne in olive and unfortunatly they are still $1400 here:yucky:
  6. FYI the Mulberry Phoebe is on sale at for $585.13 discounted from $1195. Not sure if that's cheaper than at the Nordstrom stores?
  7. Yes, I did see some Mulberry Phoebes there. They were also 60% off! You should give them a call to see what colors they have remaining. The SA that helped me was Marcel . . . he was really great in helping me locate the bag I was looking for. Let us know if you are able to snag one!! :smile:
  8. Hmm . . . they may ship to Canada, though I'm not 100% sure. You should give them a call to see if they can do that for you. I was at the Nordstrom's in the San Francisco Center Mall. They told me that there were also more Mulberry Roxanne bags available at the Nordstrom's in Valley Fair (San Jose) and in Walnut Creek. Good luck!! :smile:
  9. Yes, Nordstrom has some MAJOR discounts right now -- my friend got her Chloe Python Silverado Satchel for $929 from $2330!
  10. Nordstroms at South Coast Plaza had lots of Phoebes on sale for 60% off.
    Ask for Cherie. She can ship to you. She will tell you all they have.
    I saw brown, ivory that I remember. But, there were lots and lots.
  11. chicbags,
    Did you see any Chloe bags? Did they still have a lot of sale bags or are their tables down to being fairly picked over? Thanks!
  12. Not one single Sale Chloe. I asked my SA. Nada, zip.

    I did return a medium moss green Betty to Saks at SO Coast yesterday.
    $716 after the additional 30% off.
    And there still might be a large chocolate Betty sitting around Mission Viejo.
  13. Hi - was that mission viejo saks you are referring to?
  14. Thanks Gradstudent for the heads up. I purchased an olive Mulberry Roxanne this afternoon :girlsigh:
  15. whats the phone number of the san fransisco store?