"silver" chloe clutch

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  1. I can fit exactly:

    1 small coin purse
    1 set of keys
    1 cell phone

    I might be able to squeeze in a kleenex or two on the edges :P

  2. This might be silly, but would you mind posting a picture of what can actually fit in your clutch? This will help me get a better picture of the practicality of the bag.
  3. ILF, boy did you ask the right person...anyone else might not respond, but hmwe46 would post a picture of anything with her darling bags..

    Hmwe46, I love your picture of the acier clutch on "our quilt". I swear I'm coming to take that from your closet, I have the same clutch and I love the color, but haven't used it yet. Your picture makes me want to take it out and look at it all over again!

    This clutch is very flat, therefore, I think what you put in needs to be very flat too, comb, a key or two (but not a fat ring of keys), lipstick compact versus a large tube, credit card case (slim) that kind of thing.
  4. I got mine stolen at a night club!!!!!!!!!
    Does anyone know someone who sells a gray o silver? I tried in NAP and ebay, but no luck......
  5. love this bag, theres been two on ebay recently but was good and dint bid on them.
    it reminds me of the aubergine paddy colour.
  6. i send my email incase someone knows who sells a gray or silver clutch....
  7. badmadbags.....is aubergine color gray or brownish, because there is on on ebay now?
  8. its like the bronze metalic colour with a silvery tone,
    they were on ebay with in the last week, both sold for about £150 which was great i thought, they were the exact same colour as the girls on here. beautiful!!
  9. How much were the clutches at NAP when they were on sale?
  10. Sounds like you are a little disappointed with the color. I think it's lovely - hopefully it'll grow on you...
  11. i know some got them in the sale but i think the original price was over £300.
  12. thanks for the link! I made a bid for it. It looks the same to the one I got stolen. I didn´t know that in ebay.co.uk can find products that are not placed on ebay.com:yes:
  13. its a nice little clutch...
    just check the authenticity!
  14. I have this very same clutch. Took her out last night when DH took me out for a pre valentine dinner. I love the colour, its too yummy :heart:
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