"silver" chloe clutch

  1. did anyone else order the nap steel silver chloe paddy clutch and get an acier bronze color??? i called they said this is the silver one but i know what the silver looks like and this isnt it!!! :sad: hellppp:crybaby:
  2. i think the acier is supposed to look like tarnished silver?
  3. I ordered the steel one and it's definitely a warm grey colour!
  4. ILoveMyBug - Can you post a pic of your silver clutch? I ordered a clutch as well and received the 'acier' color. I agree w/ Eminay that it's more of a bronze color but I still like the color. Here's some pics:
    DSC_00053.JPG DSC_00034.JPG
  5. I'll try and sort one out when I get home ;)
  6. I ordered the silver betty and it came as a tarnished silver colout like d&g said
  7. It's a lovely color nonetheless! I hope it grows on you.
  8. Agreed, the acier is like tarnished silver, whereas the argent was very much like tinfoil. But this color is lovely too! Here is mine:


  9. Sorry I didn't get round to this last night, I'll try and take some over the weekend.
    Mine looks exactly the same colour as the pics that hmwe46 posted though
  10. i do love it i just imagined different.....but its still hot...tanx for all the help and advise dolls!!!
  11. I think it's very pretty colour, looks like the brownish (or tan?) edging softens the metallic colour nicely...:love: Those cluthes are so cute, they have dangerously started to grow on me lately..!! :p
  12. They are really adorable!! This is my first clutch and I adore it :heart: If I could find another in black I'd have to get it too!! :nuts:

  13. Hi,

    Last time I looked, NAP sold the black clutch ( and the blue one, silver seems to be sold out)
  14. Nice clutches! How much can you fit into it?
  15. Ah!:idea: In another thread I was confusing the colors - acier is the one that I though looked like aubergine in some pics, not argent. Chloe is so tricky! Btw, they're both pretty imho. Thanks for the clarification. :flowers: