Silver Chanel wallet with chain questions

  1. I absolutely adore the metallic silver Chanel wallet with removable chain that I have seen on here. How practical! I love that you can wear it so many different ways and it always looks gorgeous. Does anyone know how readily available they are and how much they cost? Thanks again all!
  2. Hi there - I bought mine at NM, just walked in and found it there. It's new for autumn (I believe - saw it on the Chanel website for Prefall '07).

    The chain isn't actually removable, fyi...but it's long enough to loop into different lengths, and can be tucked in to make a clutch. I have a post somewhere around here with pics.

    Here are the details:
    07A A35301Y04373
    Wallet Purse
    Dk Silver Color

    I've been working with Lisa Hamlin at NM Somerset - she's absolutely fantastic and could probably find one for you! PM me for her info.