Silver Cabas! Thought??


I want them all!
Sep 13, 2005
I love the color in that photo, but I saw a luxury flap in this same color at the Chanel store and thought it looked kind of like a dull gray in person. I wonder if the flash is making the color look lighter than in real life? This looks so nice I want to go back to the store and check it out again...
Feb 11, 2006
I spoke with Chanel NYC about this bag earlier today. It comes in two metallics - Dark silver and Silver. The dark silver was described as a bronze/gold tone. The silver color is supposed to be a true light silver shade.

Can it be any more confusing??? (I'm on the list for the silver :love: )

As far as the size goes, the measurements couturegemma listed are accurate. This bag is almost the size of the original cabas but with the quilting of the baby...