Silver Cabas! Thought??

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  1. That's the dark silver baby Cabas, not the large size. I think the color is pretty.
  2. really? the dimensions are definitely larger than the baby, but probably smaller than the original size?
  3. i like the color, it doesn't look shiny at all. it looks very edgy but it can still be dressy.
  4. I love that color. It looks like a baby cabas.
  5. the dark silver cabas is 17" x 12" x 8"

    the baby is 15.5" x 9" x 8"

    the original cabas is 17.75" x 13" x 8"
  6. It's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  7. I realllllly like that color!:yes: I agree, it can be dressed down, as well as dressed up, and the Cabas shape is great! I think that's the baby as Roey said.

  8. I like it even though I do think of my self more as a goldie!
  9. I love the color in that photo, but I saw a luxury flap in this same color at the Chanel store and thought it looked kind of like a dull gray in person. I wonder if the flash is making the color look lighter than in real life? This looks so nice I want to go back to the store and check it out again...
  10. it's so pretty! i'm loving all of chanel's metallic colors in the baby cabas!
  11. I spoke with Chanel NYC about this bag earlier today. It comes in two metallics - Dark silver and Silver. The dark silver was described as a bronze/gold tone. The silver color is supposed to be a true light silver shade.

    Can it be any more confusing??? (I'm on the list for the silver :love: )

    As far as the size goes, the measurements couturegemma listed are accurate. This bag is almost the size of the original cabas but with the quilting of the baby...
  12. the silver is nice, but I think the bronze was more tdf
  13. I think the seller probably measured wrong. It's a hard bag to measure due to the slouch factor. It's the baby Cabas, trust us.
  14. its TDF :drool: never knew that silver cabas exists... go for it ..