Silver Bottega Veneta

  1. Is it true that you can get a Bottega Veneta in the color Silver?
  2. There is a silver colour from Resort 2005. But there is also a new silver colour - Ferro from the current Fall/Winter 2007 collection. So yeah, there are BV options in silver :yes:
  3. How great :smile: Do you happen to have a picture of it?:woohoo:
  4. ooo silver.. yummy pics would be good
  5. Has anyone seen Ferro in person?
    Also, is Ferro the same as the silver from 2005?
  6. I believe the silver from 2005 was called clo, and it is pictured in the attached cosmetic case. From what I know, Ferro is supposed to be more matte and more of a gunmetal silver color.
  7. Many of BV's silver/golds are just so stunning.
  8. oh yes, I remember that silver now. thank you for posting the picture!!
  9. [​IMG]I found this picture of Pia Haraldsen with a silver Bottega, can someone tell what kind of Bottega it is? Ball, Bottega etc
  10. Looks like a large veneta.

    I''m waiting to see what ferro looks like--sounds like a nice everyday metallic.
  11. Ferro is a gunmetal grey. It is a more muted metallic color. The Ferro color looks the best on the lizard bags.
  12. This is a pic of a Ferro messenger bag for reference.


    Isn't it just TDF?? :tender:
  13. Oh, geez! This is like one of the most wonderful messenger bags I`ve ever seen! Where did you get the picture from, Nymph? Is it a new style? I haven`t seen a messenger bag with a trimming at the sides yet!

    Looks as if I have to save a lot before the fall items start to get in :blush:
  14. There is also a wallet like this bag, with the trim. FYI, the leather is wrinkled.
  15. So it is like washed or treated lambskin? Did you see it at a boutique, uclaboi? It`s from the upcoming fall collection, right?