silver Betty tote?

  1. I was at NM today and they had a beautiful silver/pewter Betty that was like a shoulder bag. It was so soft, light == wow! It was 1650ish. Does anyone have one? How do you like it?
  2. I have a large Betty and I love it, the weight is unbelievable for the size, I have avoided the paddington partly because of the weight......My Betty is kind of similar to my favorite Marc Jacobs bag but bigger and sooooo much lighter. Anyway, I love it! AND I can see myself using it for years to come which I also's not overly trendy or IT baggish....
  3. Could it have been the Betty Hobo? There is also a Betty Tote on the NM website. I haven't seen either one IRL but I think they're both cute!
  4. Personally, I think that the silver would be a great color for fall. Hope you go for it.. I would :heart: to have a silver....
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