Silver and Gold

  1. Hi first time posting, but have done lots and lots of reading. I love handbags - obviously that is why I am here.....just can't get enough of them! The trend for "hardware" this summer seems to be alot of gold both handbags and wallets. I want to mix it up a bit and have some fun, but my question is - can you mix your handbag and wallet hardware - i.e. silver hardware on the handbag and gold hardware on the wallet (or vice versa)?
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    To answer your question, you certainly can - unless the handbag police are after you - but would you want to?! Seriously, it feels 'wrong' to me, but I am very fussy about matching tones, hardware etc and probably not very imaginative. I am sure some of the more creative fashionistas around these boards will offer their thoughts!
  3. I feel it's perfectly fine for the bag and wallet not to match. It sits in your bag so no one really sees it until you pull it out anyway. Since I end to go "safe" on my bags, I love to go wild on my wallets.
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    I always mix and match, not so much with my bags and wallets but with my bag charms.
  6. I definitely agree with Zoey... no one sees your wallet, so carry what you like. BUT, insisting that they match would be a great excuse to buy more wallets. ;)
  7. Liney, I am forced to mix and match everyday because I only have one wallet to my name (An HH Mercer wallet), and before that I had a fabulous Dooney zip around. For some odd and unrealistic reason I am not a Wallet Ho. One does the trick. So the Fashion police owes me a few tickets.:p
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    I think you can mix, otherwise its just too complicated isn't it.. ánd besides it's boring if you mix everything.
  9. If I had to change wallets everytime to match the bag I would never change bags! Kinda boring to have everything match anyway, don't you think?
  10. Yes mix and match. White and Gold hardwares work for everything.
  11. OMG! i don't even pay attention to those things :p
    i just bought what i liked, i don't really matched them, anything good for my eyes is good for my pocket :p
  12. Since I shook off the chains of walletdom and upgraded to a hardware-less cardholder, I no longer have to worry about this, unless I want to worry about the clasp of my cigarette case, which I don't.

    Matching, or at least harmonizing bag hardware with my bling is as obsessive as I care to get!
  13. I only have one wallet, so I don't mind if hardware don't match (or should I now?)
  14. Thanks for the welcomes my new "bag" friends.....I think I will keep the new Lov Cat wallet I just got - a very light pink color with some subdued hearts in the leather and a very cute little bling clasp on the top in gold. It was fun and a little funky, but wasn't sure if it would work with my new Botkier Trigger Turbo I just ordered (should be here tomorrow, I hope). Stuck very traditional with that - black w/silver hardware. I hope I like it when I get it. I know it came out a couple of years ago, but I wanted something that was still a little different. My husband and I ride our Harley ALOT in the summer and the Trigger seemed like it would fit that style. What is it about the change of seasons that make you want a new handbag - crazy, but I love it!
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    My wallet never matches my bag and I think that's absolutely fine :yes: