silver and gold LV hearts...ah, so pretty!

  1. [​IMG]

    I don't quite know what I'd do with this and I'd never buy it ($975 USD), but isn't it darling?:love: :girlsigh:
  2. I was always told not to mix silver and gold, so I still have a phobia about it lol. It'd look better all gold imo though.
  3. love it, but hate the price!
  4. Precious! Great bag charm, but that's about it, I think.... I love silver and gold mix... can wear with all hardware, and i just love mixing silver and gold anyway...:flowers:

    But, I do mean white gold and yellow gold, not real silver...
  5. It is lovely, I too never match silver & gold but it would go with all jewellery :smile:
  6. hey vee, yeah, very pricey bag charm though!:nuts:
  7. OMG those are goooooorgeous But waaaaaaay too pricey :crybaby:
  8. Aww...they are so cute!
  9. Probably real gold, right? BETTER BE! hey mick!
  10. wazzup!?:jammin: yeah, i think it's real gold...:wlae:
  11. hmmm. i dont like how gold and silver mix
  12. Too Cute! :love: ..... but for that price? :shocked:
  13. Yeah, too $$ - but I love mixing silver and gold now, I started when I got a Chloe bag (sorry everyone) but they mix hardware on their bags. So now I like it.
  14. Very cute, but pricey....

    OT: Mick, you officially changed your name!!!! (yeah, I have been out of the
  15. IS CUTE~ but the price :wtf: