Silver and Brass.

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  1. Do you ladies have to match your brass/gold purse, well the hardware of the bag to your jewelry. I only where silver or white gold but I want the Carly, the hardware alone does not bother me, but I am thinking is that weird or am I over thinking it? TIA.:tup:
  2. I only wear silver and white gold jewelry and pretty much all of my bags have brass hardware. I personally don't think it matters.
  3. Agreed. All of my jewelry is white gold, but alot of my bags have brass hardware.

    I am picky about the hardware on a charm or fob matching the hardware on the bag, though.
  4. I mix my jewelry and the hardware on my bags/accessories... I dont think it matters
  5. No...doesn't matter.
  6. I don't think it matters either. All that should matter is whether you like the bag or not. :smile:
  7. At first I was I didnt like that the purses were brass and I only wear silver and white gold. However, I have gotten over it and it is no big deal now.
  8. Me too!
  9. Thank you ladies ... I am on my way to the coach store... to buy it.. I am so excited.
  10. ITA about the hardware on a charm or fob having to match the hardware of my bag.
    As far as jewelry goes, i don't think it matters.
  11. i'm one of of those crazy ladies that likes to match hardware head to toe... but most Coach bags only come with brass hardware

    I usually let it go. My soho flap bag does have silver hardware which is why I love it.

    I'm not a fan of black leather with brass hardware... but not much I can do about that :shrugs:
  12. I worried about that at first until I noticed 80% of my charms/keyfobs are silver and all my bags have brass. I wear yellow gold jewelry more often since I prefer it over my silver. I mix it all up now and just don't care anymore. It doesn't matter.
  13. This used to really bother me a lot, and still does to some extent. This is one reason I don't care as much for bags like the platinum Carly, because I don't like to mix the silver and gold tones. However, most of my bags have brass hardware. While I can change most of my jewelry, almost all of my watches are silver or gold..and my rings are platinum, so there's not much I can do about it. Thus, I'm now mostly at the point where I don't care so much anymore.
  14. I don't think it matters... I don't even notice it on other people but it drives me nuts if I mix on my own body/accessories haha! When I wear a bag with brass hardware I tend to wear beaded jewelry or just gold hoops because I own mostly silver jewelry. I just try to buy most of my bags with nickel hardware but that has been impossible on some of the bags I love!
  15. Ditto!