Silver Alea Different Link Bracelet

  1. Have any of you ladies heard of a the silver different link Alea bracelet?



    I saw one on ebay recently and was too late to bid.

    I'm going to Paris in Oct. Do you think the Rue St. Honre store (or any store in Paris) has it?

    I know it is a past season bracelet. What season/year is it from?

    How much it is/was?

    What are the name of the different links? I know one is called chaine d'ancre.

    Thank you for all of your assistance. You ladies are the BEST!
  2. do any of u ladies know anything about this bracelet? please help!!
  3. Ew, I'm sorry I'm of no help. Could you call your local store? Or call NYC, they have a sizable jewlery department and the sales staff are pretty well informed.
  4. HotBag...that is what I would NY...or call another larger boutique. If they can't help you...who can?
  5. Actually what your looking for is "Chaine d'ancre" bracelet

    Here's a link, you can get it from
  6. hermesgroupie
    Thank you for the suggestion. My local store (small boutique) is not aware of the Alea Bracelet. I think because it's an older piece. I'll call the NY boutique and inquire.

    Great suggestion. I'll call NY. It'll probably be easier than trying to explain it in English to a NY SA than to a Paris SA (I don't speak French!).

    Actually, the chaine d'ancre is not what I'm looking for. The chaine d'ancre is a type of "marina" link and the chaine d'ancre bracelet has all the same links. The Alea bracelet I'm looking for has 6 different links, one of which is the chaine d'ancre. Thanks for your help tho.
  7. here's a bigger pic, to better see the links:

  8. dressage queen
    Thanks for the larger pic.

    I phoned the NY store and found out that the price is US $1275.

    Does anyone know the Paris store's Euro price for the Alea bracelet, GM. I would need 13 links.

    Thanks for all your help ladies!!​