Silt color bags

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  1. Do any of you have or have you seen the silt color IRL, it's hard to tell the true color on the website? Is it brownish or greyesh or somewhere inbetween?

  2. I posted a few pictures in the thread, I Can't Decide! Bought the hobo yesterday. It's truly beautiful. Taupe, deep taupe, is the best way for me to describe it.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm having a hard time deciding between the Cafe bag in grey birch or silt.
  4. What Kricket said. :smile:. It's gorgeous and it is a sort of medium taupe-y brown. Really great color.
  5. I just received my hobo in Silt. It's great taupe and definitely much darker than Grey Birch. KricketCollects photos are very accurate. It's lovely and great neutral, a keeper.

    I think it's very close to Marc Jacobs Dirty Martini color (if anyone is familiar with MJ colors).
  6. Just purchased a silt colored Phoebe bag!! Can't wait for it to arrive. This might be the closest I can get to the Michael Kors version of this color "dark dune" that I've been wanting for so long

  7. Oh yay! So glad you love the color too and that you think the color is accurate in the pictures. That's so hard to capture and then a lot of pressure for others to look at thinking about if they like what they see. :smile:
  8. I was hoping yesterday that you will choose hobo in Silt as I knew we'll get to see some pics and I was so pleased to see your mod shots yesterday ( I also ordered saff tote in Navy) and I knew exactly what I was getting. With DDs you just never know...sometimes it's too light or too dark... that's why I love TPF, come here and you get the real picture and most accurate information.

    That said, I love Silt. My hobo (and tote) arrived in perfect condition. I already moved in and ready to hit mall ;)

  9. Isn't it funny we were drawn to the same bags? I was sure I wanted the navy tote and DH kind of talked me out of it. It's still a gorgeous bag, but it was easier to walk away from it since I own a navy bag, but oh my goodness, I may have to break down and order the bronze tote! That one is still running through my head!

    Did you get the E/W or N/S? I think that because of my height, or lack thereof, the E/W suited me better. I'm so glad that I could get some pictures of things that people were interested in seeing, everyone here is always so helpful, it's nice to be able to help back! :smile:
  10. Your photos were very helpful, thank You! Because of the ice storm I couldn't get to mall to see them in irl and anxiously waited for somebody to post the pics... and you did with the suspense ;)
    I got N/S tote. I owned gathered Sophia in Midnight (navy) and one moment I decided to sell it. I can't believe I let her go and deeply regret it... ever since I sold her I've been looking for a navy bag to replace her...

  11. Oh no! I can imagine because of all the bags I have, I think that my Sophia is probably my all around, fall back favorite! It's light weight, I got the large, so it's a great size, and it's patent, so no worry about using extra care with special leathers. I feel your pain and can see where this one may fill that spot some!