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  1. Ladies, my sister in law bought this off of ebay, I told her I didn't think it was real but she went ahead and got it knowing the whole time it was authentic. So she says. I want her to send it back so I need you ladies to help me and tell her what all is wrong with this bag. She's not listening. I don't own a wisteria
    7078066_o.jpg 7078067_o.jpg 7078069_o.jpg 7078072_o.jpg 7079093_o.jpg
  2. Wisteria only came in Honey and White. And there is a new color for fall that is Taupe.
  3. What is the difference between the spy and the wisteria spy? I am confused:angel: ?
  4. The wisteria has those flower thing on each side of the bag.Otherwise, they lookk the same
  5. The texture of the leather of the bag doesn't look right. If you compare to a real spy bag in the store, you will see.I tis hard to describe. Also I have never seen that fendi tag that attached to the handle. Usually I just get the booklet, there is no fendi tag hanging like that.
    Also the wisteria only comes in white and honey as far as I have seen.
  6. Plus the flowers are wrong:
  7. Thanks ladies, I will forward your comments to her. Irene your bag is simple divine!
  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:love:
  9. about the texture: the newer spys are not as bulpy least the spy I bought for my friend from the fendi store is rather smoother....the SA said that this is due to the high demand of the smoother leather.,.....many people asked about it she said. but still I hope that the leather will stay as squishy and I really hope that some spys will still have the totally bumby leather........
    but still this bag is 200% a faske.the leather is just.wrong
    and yes the color thing is also true
  10. Hey chag!
    Please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! stickies or forum.
  11. Sorry! I thought that is what I did?? I asked if the ladies thought this was a real or a fake. Is that not an authenticity question??
  12. Yes you asked an authenticity question, but it should've been in the Authenticate This! sticky or Authenticate This! Forum, here's the thread it could've been put in:

    at the top of every designer sub-forum {Chanel, Fendi, LV etc. . . } there's a 'sticky' for all authenticity questions to be posted, or there's an actual Forum dedicated specifically to authenticity questions.


    It's confusing at first, but it keeps all teh Forums 'clutter free' or more organized.
  13. Sorry!
  14. it's no big deal! We Mods are moving/closing authenticity questions all day every day really, LOL!
    Do you understand what I was trying to explain about where they belong?
    Sometimes it makes sense in my head but not in my post! LMBO!
  15. Yes I do, again I apologise. You can close this one if you like. All these nice ladies were very helpful to me. Thanks :flowers:
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