Silly to have kelly jumping boots in black and brown?--need help asap boots holding

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  2. Hooray! :yahoo:

  3. Hi LVlover
    I have the Moka Kelly Jumping Boots and imho they are not as dark as ebene, but not like havanne either, as that has reddish undertones and moka is just a natural brown. I looked at an ebene Kelly a while ago, whilst I was wearing the boots and they were not quite as dark as the bag. Yes, they are dark brown, but a rich brown whereas I think ebene can look browny/black in some lights and seemed flatter against the moka.

    You could definitely wear them with black though, as there is enough of a contrast, (not so with ebene) I saw a SA wearing them with a black skirt and it looked really chic, as the colour is not too dark just rich looking.

    Sorry if I'm waffling on, just trying to reassure you, I'm sure you'll love them, they are stunning, especially with the ruthenium hardware, it finishes them off beautifully and is much too nice to hide.

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    Last edited: Nov 21, 2010
    I just bought both black & Mokka on the same day (I was extremely lucky to find a pair in Bond street & then one on Sloane street in my size)!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and if you ask me : NO, it is absolutely not crazy to have them in both colors, quite the opposite, its an absolute necessity.

    Having said that, if you ask my husband you might find that he disagrees :smile:
  5. I just bought black and moka is on hold until I decide for sure....
    I am now 99% sure,lol
  6. Absolutely not crazy! :angel:
  7. I would! I've often bought the same shoes/boots in different colors and so far have never regretted these purchases!

    If they are comfortable and you will wear them to death, then they are worth it!
  8. You are not crazy, I have black and mocha too (though my black is the Bardigiano style with plain buckle). I use them both and enjoy them both.
  9. I have bought shoes/boots in the same color so that I have a back-up pair for when the original pair wears out ;)
  10. In my opinion when you meet a shoe/boot that is comfortable, which whispers to your foot "stay", then you don't mind at all to buy them again and again. The colour is just matter of preference even at that particular moment when you enter the shop.
    However I think that you will have plenty of time with such quality footwear. They will follow you every (apart from mud-Emergency Hunters are needed) and you will walk many miles on them. It is just an investment.
  11. I bought both mokka and black and am loving both, it is good to alternate for the health of your foot,LOL, not kidding.....These are the best boots I have ever worn in comfort and I noticed they are sold out in almost all sizes and colors ,online in the site

    I am recovering from a severe ankle sprain and they look so good and give so much support, that after wearing the big black orthopedic recovery boot and crutches exclusively for a month , these boots are such a treat for me and I'm lucky I bought them just before my sprain injury. They were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and kept me cheerful during my immobility, just knowing they were both in my closet waiting until I could put them on and wear them, the mokka and the brown
    With these jumping boots you can conquer the world and not worry about stability like you do in heels,LOL.....BUY THEM and you will be so happy(if you can find them in your size anymore)
  12. Not at all silly to have both:okay: