Silly to have kelly jumping boots in black and brown?--need help asap boots holding

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  1. I really want a pair of black kelly jumping boots, however I will have to wait until the fall when stores are re-stocked. I found a pair of Moka jumping boots on put them on hold. I can't go look at the boots because the are out of state for me. I'm wondering if the moka color is a deep dark brown, similar in color to the brown box oran sandals on the (usa). I'd like to be able to wear the boots with black (that is until I get the black pair;) ). Can anyone help me with a color description? I'm also wondering if it's silly to own these boots in black and brown? For those that have both to you get good use out of each color? I plan to wear the boots under bootcut jeans, over skinny jeans, and with leggings. My concern is how the boots would look under boot cut jeans/pants. Skinnies are not my goto jean, boot cuts are and so I want to make sure that they look good with these type f jeans. They would be my goto boot for most occasions.

    I posted my own thread because I need some advice asap as the boots will go off hold today:smile:
  2. LVLover, I don;t think it is silly to have the same boots in moka as in black if you are the type of person who will wear brown when you do get your black pair and have no issue mixing brown and black together now. . . If you also post in ode to boots, I believe Tankertoad has two gorgeous pairs in black. Perhaps you can ask your SA to email you the color swatch. Or even tell you how close Moka is to havanne, ebene etc.

    I sadly cannot fit into most standard tall boots due to very muscular calves, but I would recommend a straight cut bottom to tuck in just in terms of comfort (I don;t like a lot of material folded around my ankle. Apologies - I just reread your original post - under boot cut - I would also ask the SA if possible to measure the boot at the widest portion - how wide AND how tall from the bottom of the sole up to make sure that they will fit comfortably under your boot cut jeans. Do you typically wear tall boots under boot cuts? I think the height of the boot might matter as well because it might chafe the back of your knee. . .

    Do please consider also posting in Ode to boots a duplicate of your original post in order to maximize the responses!

    Good Luck! :biggrin:
  3. I don't have the Hermes boots, but I did buy my Ralph Lauren riding boots in both black and brown last winter - I enjoy having both. If I could afford Hermes boots in two colors, I would probably have both; if I couldn't afford but one pair, I would probably choose black.
  4. I don't think it's at all silly to have more than one same/similar pair in different colors. I have the black with RHW jumping boots, and the Ebene flat boots with H strap (evelyn?) on the front/top. I love them both, but due to the other items I wear I tend toward the black more frequently.

    I do think that the Kelly Jumping Boots might fit under bootcut jeans, though, not that I've ever tried it. I have really thin legs, and the boots fit pretty snugly, so I would imagine they'd work under the jeans.
  5. I'm planning on getting 2nd pair of jumping boots! I'm having a black pair being stretched right now, but already eyeing on lighter colored pair (i saw a pic of light baige~creamish color somewhere?). So I don't think it's silly at all to own a same shoes in different colors, unless you just want the brown pair to tide yourself over until black pair and not wear brown after you get black, it is too expensive of a purchase just to use for 4-5 months for me.

    Personally I will not wear this boots under bootcut jeans.........I don't think it's practical to wear long boots under jeans like that (look a little too bulky unless you are talking about bell bottom like in 70's !), if I were you I'll get a pair of ankle boots for the boot cut jeans...
  6. Hi LV lover, I do not see anything wrong with having both black and brown! Just like
    India, I had a pair of Ralph Lauren jumping boots in brown, so I definitely wanted the
    black Kellys, but I like to mix black and brown together. I almost weakend and
    got the brown, I really wanted them bad!!! But, then an H angel told me that she had seen
    some in Naples, I called and they were sent to me. Has your SA done a search for you. The Naples store had more than one pair. As far as the jeans, I agree with
    everyone that you should at least have straight leg jeans, I have skinny legs too, but
    its not comfortable having them bunched up around the ankle.
  7. LVLover, if you have the means to have both - get them!!

    I took a while to decide which color I would get since I would only buy one pair. Either is gorgeous, but I decided on the brown because I felt they had a softer look (for me) than the black.

  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! You are making me want a pair, HERMES NUTTY.......

    Just ask the SA to send you a photo of the boots on hold. She/he would, I'm sure, be happy to do it.....

    I, too, wouldn't wear these boots under jeans since all of the detail is at the top.
  9. Sorry, I misread your post. I agree with S mom, you really don't want to wear under
    your jeans, as she is right the beautiful detail is at the top!
  10. If I could only get 1 pair, I would get brown, since I use very little black, otherwise I would get both! I have Church's riding boots (similar to H's) in both brown and black! I wear them with skinny jeans most of the time!
  11. The Kelly boots are really beautiful but if you are going to hide them under jeans perhaps you may want to consider a different boot? The detail of the boots are at the top and the line is long and lean so you loose a lot of the character of these but putting your jeans over the top.
    That said I would not hesitate to buy both brown and black, if these are in your budget and you want two different looks. If you are getting just one pair then look at your wardrobe and your bags and see which color will be the better investment.
    Just my .02
  12. Thanks for all the advice. Moka is a dark dark brown. The SA sent a lovely photo. I asked about wearing under bootcut jeans and she said the boots would look good and she has clients who wear the boots this way. I do plan to wear the boots a majority of the time w/ skinny jeans/tights/leggings, however wanted to increase my use thus decreasing the cost per wear;) So I took the plunge! I am excited to get these beauties and hope they fit my calves!

    PS: my thoughts on the boots under bootcut jeans is that yes the lovely detail will not show, however it's kinda like that special lining inside your bag/wallet-like a special little hidden treasure!
  13. LV- Congratulations on getting your boots! You will just love them!! They have such a
    magical quality about them and you will feel so special just wearing them. I just have to
    stare at mine every nite!!!!
  14. Pamella, I am so excited! I think the moka may end up working for me so well that I may not purchase the black, as I love mixing black and brown (....although I do like mixing black and navy, so maybe I'll need the black too;) ). At almost 2k I want to use this as much as possible and just the idea of having these boots on my feet, regardless if the boot is covered or not, makes me smile and my toes tingle!