Silly to buy 2 steps?

  1. I am thinking of getting the step in plomb and black. Silly? I am not really feeling the other colors, I guess maybe the yellow color or ivory. I could really use some input. Thanks so much.
  2. Hmmm, as silly as having 6 cities? Not silly at all. We are all just one big happy, enabling family here.:angel:
  3. Ha ha.....this may be the wrong place to ask that particular question....:p
  4. Indeed, I doubt you're going to find a lot of people on here who'll tell you that's foolish. After all, that's why they make the bags in so many colors, so you can have lots of them, and they look different, even in the same style!

  5. I agree:smile:
  6. Not silly at all! I bought three steps (black, jaune, violet) in two days, probably returning violet just because the color doesn't work well w/my wardrobe. Thinking of replacing it w/ivory, actually! Plomb and black are fairly close in color, though. I really recommend you see the jaune IRL. I was doubtful about it before but now I really love it! And I'm not a yellow pearson! Jaune looks great w/denim, black, brown, etc. I :heart: the step!
  7. I agree! They know women very well and they know we'll want all the colors.
  8. It's never silly to buy a second of anything as long as you use it. For instance, I have two pair of the same Citizen jeans in different washes and I wear them both ... I'm sure several of us have the same heels/flats in different colors. Go for it!
  9. It is not silly at all. I think if you are in doubt, just buy one color first and see how it works.
  10. form the beginning of my life i've never been able to choose between to things i was in love with. Why i should be supposed to change my mind now???
    of course i have 2 of everything i like!
    no, you're not silly, OR we are both silly :yes:
  11. I'm in the same position right now!! I'd like the Juane and Tobac Step........just a matter of which one comes first!!! But I'm thinking that I'll get one after the other. See if I fall in love w/the style than I'll get the other one. Oh, and there's the $$ thing!!! Ha!! And 2 or more colours of the same style is totally great, cause you know you'll love each bag!!! Totally NOT silly!!!
  12. I don't know... I prefer one of each, I have a city and a day and won't be purchasing another one of these regardless of color. I just feel it's an overkill. Just imo.
  13. It is not silly to have the same style in different colours, although plomb and black are probably too close to justify getting both. Why not just get one first and then wait for SS08 to get another in a different colour.
  14. Not silly at all but I would get the plomb with sgh and the black with rh!
  15. it's always better to buy in pairs! i know i always do!
    step is a lovely style to have! i love mine!!!