Jan 2, 2009
I was just wondering out of curiosity.. does anyone know how Coach pics the names of their bags?? Do they name them after movie stars, music stars, fashion icons etc.. or just pic them out of a hat :lol: I have not done a thorough search on the topic, but I thought maybe some of you gals may know. I'm thinking they should name a handbag in their next line "The Farrah" bag. If there hasn't been one already, I am very unsure if one was named after her. I mean, she was a beautiful women, very famous, and I think she made alot of fashion statements in the 70's, I think it would be such a nice tribute to her. Just my rainy day head thinking...
Dec 20, 2006
I think they are named for celebrities. Remember when they started using celebs in their catalogs and ads, I think that is when they started given bags names. Wasn't there a Mandy bag for Mandy Moore? Before this. I think they used only one main model in their catalogs for about 10 years. The girl with the short brown hair. Until recently I used to keep all of the catalogs.
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