Silly shopping question...

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  1. On Thursday, I am planning to buy the Hampstead MM, and I am SO excited! In town we have a LV store, as well as an LV in Saks. I've been to both, and found the SA at the Saks location to be very friendly and nice. The SA's that I've dealt with at the LV store are ok, but not as personable as the one I met in Saks. My question is, which "store" should I buy from? I want to get the total boutique experience (I've only bought a keychain in the store before, my few other new purchases have been from eLux), and feel like buying from LV in Saks would take away from that a bit, but I really liked the SA a lot better in Saks. What should I do? :confused1:
  2. I'd visit the LV in Saks. At least you'll remember how friendly the SA's were and will never forget that! ;)
  3. I agree. I'm shopping at the LV counter inside Neimans now just because the SA's at the SCP boutique suck. I've bought from there a few times already and they're always in a rush and not so friendly.. IMO.
  4. yup, go w/ the one w/ better customer service. there's nothing worse than buying a bag from someone who doesn't take the time to help you. and it's better that you have a positive LV experience than a negative LV boutique experience.

    mrsjimmyh: i totally agree with you on SCP LV. they are downright icy. my husband got really bad service when he bought my bday present this year. i go to the Bloomies LV now.
  5. I agree too, shop where they are nicer! As Maya Angelou said, "People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
  6. I agree, go where the service is the best really that is all that matters and I agree with the others that is what you will remember most. Enjoy the experience!
  7. I don't find much of a difference with the Boutique and the ones inside stores. I thought there would be, but there isn't! When your in there it's all the same!
  8. go to the one where you find the better customer service... if you find the Saks one very friendly and nice.. i would say Saks :yahoo:
  9. ITA with everyone- I'd go with the better service. Just be glad you have options- there are NO LVs where I live :P
  10. great service is key, but i actually think you should go with whichever store has the better policy (however you want to interpret that)

    god forbid you have some issue with your purchase, you want to make sure that store will be able to satisfy your needs.
  11. Totally OT, but that is an awesome quote from Maya Angelou!!

    I agree with everyone else--shop where you are made welcome.
  12. my mall has a saks installation and a boutique. i love the saks better. although, i should prob buy off elux bc it would save me a crapload in sales tax.