Silly question...

  1. but do you have the number to your local boutique programmed in your cell-phone?

    I do. LOL.

  2. yeah...and my SA's cell #...
  3. LOL!! Wow I didn't know how bad LV obsessions could get! :p (I'm still working on my first... :shame: )
  4. Yes, I do. How else could I get a quick LV fix? (lol) Just talking to my regular SA helps me with my LV addiction. I know, this is really bad....:p
  5. yep, i do! even elux and 866# too...... if and when i have Qs, i call!!! lol
  6. yes, all three of them and so does my HUSBAND!!!! Today at the Boutique more SAs said hi to him than to me!!! LOL!
  7. I have all 7 numbers from my boutique's store...

    I also have Rodeo Drive's number just in case my store can't answer my questions. :p
  8. Yes... I have all three numbers on my cell phone!
  9. Yes...and it's not a silly question:cutesy: ....just in case they call for something I've waitlisted, caller ID will show up.
  10. No I don't...but that's a really good idea!! :shame:
  11. but it's in my phone directory in my agenda.
  12. Heck yeah! LOL and elux and 866. It's important stuff!! LOL
  13. :shame::yes:
  14. Haha, yes, I just put it in on Thursday so I could call to get on a waitlist. :biggrin:
  15. I do.