Silly question

  1. So I bought my two simple checkbook covers the other day, one in monogram and one in damier, and I love them BUT the one in damier is made in USA. Is it silly of me to exchange it for one that's made in France? I hope it doesn't sound too stupid but everything I've ever bought from Louis Vuitton has either been made in France or Spain. What do you guys think?
  2. I, along with many other people, personally don't care where it's made. It's LV, so it's all the same. It does sound a little silly to exchange it for that reason to me, but hey. That's just my op. ;)

    But if you want to exchange it, by all means go ahead. :yes:
  3. ^ i agree w/ john.

    to me, it doesn't matter where it's made as long as it's authentic. but if it bothers you that much, just exchange it.
  4. I don't think it's silly, if you're spending $200 you should be happy with it...;)
  5. You do what feels right!
  6. I don't care where mine are made but if you like Made in France I think it is perfectly reasonable to go back.
  7. Well, I'm very ANAL :weird: about things like this, so I totally understand your feelings about this matter. Go and exchange it or it will drive you nuts!
  8. Totally agree with you John.
  9. Good to know that I'm not the only one picky about stuff like this...THANKS! :yes:
  10. Me too Mr. is a French company so I prefer made in France but, I do have a made in urks me too!!! I also I do not like the fact that Coach is a US company and Coach bags say made in China...that bugs me for some reason...I love the fact that Coach is an American bag and it would be so much better if it said Made in the USA. It turned me off of Coach a little. Prada is an Italian bag and says made in Italy I love that. Now if you buy a Prada and it says made in Russia it will not be the same. I know how you feel exactly...many more people probably feel the same way but, do not admit to is not political incorrect to feel that way...we just do...I would exchange it for what you is your collection and you should be happy...cheers
  11. I think it is silly as I don't pay attention to the stamp once I start using an item. But if it is going to bother you, exchange it.
  12. To me it doesn't matter. I think of it this way. If it says Made in the USA, it means that LV is supporting someones family here in the US, and that's a good thing. Its a roof over someones head and food in babies' bellies. Its the same quality, its the same company, and its authentic.
  13. You have an excellent point:idea: . I hate the fact that Coach makes their bags in China and do not support the US economy. Going for cheap labour in China hurts Americans. It is not like Coach bags are inexpensive either. LV made in the US is the same quality and the material comes from France I believe and it is still handcrafted. Now if they ever started making LV in China and charged the same price I would be upset.
  14. do what 'you ' want! you need to be completely happy with it- or else it doesn't really matter. go change it.
  15. If they have one from France & it makes you happy, then you should exchange it.
    And it's not silly at all, you are paying a premium price for it so it should be the way you want.