silly question???

  1. Regarding the leather LV "tag" on the inside of the bag...the ones I have bought at eLuxury say "made in u.s.a.". I have seen bags on ebay that say "made in france". What is the difference (besides the obvious)--i.e., are "mif" bags more vintage, more desireable, or what? thanks for answering this LV newbie's query!:smile:
  2. The only dif. is the location of the LV factory.:flowers: Nothing else. Some people prefer Made in France bags because it's a French brand.
  3. As long as the bag isn't made in China, you're good! : ) Lol!!
  4. Exactly what Irene doesn't really matter where it was made...but some buyers prefer to have the made in france bags!
    I personally don't long as it's real!
  5. Thanks, ladies!