Silly question

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  1. this might be a silly question but do you think its silly to spend the money on a pair of high end shoes for my wedding since its really only one day?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Not if you get a pair you can wear again - either as evening shoes or if (you buy pale coloured satin) that you can dye to use again :shrugs:
  3. I think you are trying to make it memorable, shoes, dress, etc. so no, it is not silly. If you will not wear them again, but have the money to buy, then enjoy. Perhaps you know someone who can benefit from them in the future at their wedding. It is totally up to you. Or you can find a similar pair that do not cost as much. That is up to you. If you are having second thoughts, you might feel as though the cost is not justified.
  4. also, depending on your dress...will you even SEE the shoes! some dressing are so overpowering (not always a bad thing) that the shoes need to be ultra simple. Or, there is so much dress that having anything but a low-key shoe wouldnt do the dress justice. (personally, any money spent on good shoes should wow). now, if the dress is plain, then you need a shoe to wow them :smile:
  5. If you go for silver or gold shoes you will still be able to get wear out of them as evening shoes. Money on accessories (or clothes, or jewellery) is never wasted, especially on your wedding day. I think you will feel much better knowing that you are wearing something really fabulous. X

  6. I totally agree!!!!
  7. Absolutely not! I bought my first pair of Manolo's as my wedding shoes. Catalina in ivory. To me, it makes more sense to spend money on shoes that you can wear again, instead of the dress that you'll only wear once and may not be able to sell for much if anything. If you get a colored shoe, you'll definately be able to wear them again. Most white/ivory satin shoes can be dyed again, and silver is always wearable.
  8. And, lots of gorgeous wedding shots feature the shoes to some extent, so when people say you'll never see them, I disagree to an extent.
  9. Definitely NOT!
    Your wedding (especially if it's your first...) should be spectacular, or at least for me I'd totally splurge out. It's not just shoes, how about your wedding dress? You'll only wear it once (unless you want to recycle it for another time in the future... lol), does this mean you shouldn't buy it? Then you might as well get dressed in everyday jeans and T-shirt.
    The point is as long as the shoes (or anything else) make you HAPPY, then they're worth it :yes:
  10. I can't think of a better time to buy them. Get a great pair that you can wear for other occasions. I wore mine to my bridal showers as well as my wedding day so that they were worn in a little. I only wore them a few times after but I got my $$$$ worth and I'm not sorry to have spent it. I say go for it!

    My sis's wedding shoe... and she is a very conservative accountant but she realizes the value of a great wedding shoe... she wanted a blue CL for something blue but they ran out of her size!!!!

    I myself had a victorian damask with that lovely victorian heel and ribbon for a shoe lace by Kennth was $350 I think (we were young and it was quick) I only wore them for my wedding and preserved them~~~they are very pretty!
  12. Thanks everyone. I think i will go for it.. Why the hell not!
  13. This is exactly what made me think about this in the first place
  14. These were my sis's first choice for a wedding shoe.... pretty and "something blue" and CL, of course!

  15. Omg!! These are super cute!!