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  1. I am new here so what I am asking may seem incredibly stupid and ridiculous, but i know that everyone gets really mad about fakes. I am obviously against sellers who pass off fakes as real bags, but I want to know why it is so bad to buy a replica if it is advertised as such and you can find a good one. I ask because I have been searching and searching to find a chloe paddington (my absolute dream bag) for months and months in my price range (less than $800, seems like a pipe dream) and I have gotten to the frustration point where I am thinking I would love to buy a really good fake for 200 bucks and forget it. So is this really wrong or is it just that there is no such thing as a good fake or is it just that fakes in general are wrong? I guess i should shut my mouth and keep saving, but it seems like I won't save enough for another two years! Sorry if anyone is offended by this question, I honestly just want to know before I go and do something that I don't understand the terrible implications of. Thanks!
  2. First, Welcome to the PF!!! I hope you have some fun around here!!!

    Second, there is nothing wrong with buying a replica bag- it is YOUR money, and you should do with it as you please. No one has any right to judge you for that!!! And no one is offended by you asking a question! That is what we are all here for- to enjoy discussing handbags of all kinds!!!

    BUT there are some Chloe Paddingtons that are on sale for only a few hundred more than you are looking to spend ($1075 at NM). Maybe you should either try saving a bit more so you can buy the real thing! Of course, if it is not feasible right now to do that, then go for the replica bag. I wish I could tell you where to get one, but I honestly have no idea. Good luck with whatever you decide!!:flowers:
  3. I agree with Jag in that, what you do with your money is your business. Personally, I would feel so fake carrying a...well, fake!

    What do you like about the paddington? Is it the shape? The leather? The colors? If it is the shape you can always look for a bag whose design was inspired by the paddington. "Inspired by" bags aren't replicas but generic brand bags that share a similar shape to the designer bag. For instance, you might walk into your local Saks and see a bag with a shape similar to the paddy. It won't have the Chloe markings or branding but at least you will still carry a bag with the shape/color that you love!

    Now if you don't like the idea of "inspired by" bags and really want to buy a fake you might want to consider why you would choose a fake bag over an "inspired by" bag. Is it because you want the Chloe stamp? Is it because you want people to think your bag is real? If so you might want to do some introspection about why. Sometimes it's for all the wrong reasons.

    In the end, people who knowingly buy fakes are people who want others to perceive them a certain way. But you will know it isn't real and, unless you tell people its fake, you will be self conscience every time you wear your fakie. IMO that's no way to enjoy a bag! :sad:

    I say save your money and get the real deal. Sometimes there are deals on Ebay. There are sales that are popping up now at places liek KZ and Saks where the paddy's end up being $770-$1050. Be patient and when you do finally own the real thing you will be amazed by how much every $1 of that paddington is worth!

    I can't imagine any fake giving you the same leather and quality a real paddington will, no matter how well the fake is. Yak! I really hate fakes. :sick:
  4. Hi Kem,

    Welcome! I think another reason we are not fond of fakes is that the manufacturing and sales of fake designer goods is illegal, specifically it is "trademark infringment". Also, there has been a lot of press about fakes and where the profits from them go. My advice would be to save up until you can afford the real bag. However, as I always say;

    Your Money, Your Choice.
  5. Replica or counterfeit bags which have the name 'Chloe' on them are illegal to sell or purchase, even though the marketplace is flooded with them. This does not make it right or legal. There is also evidence that they are produced in sweatshops with underage and mistreated children and the profits support terrorism. They are stealing copyrighted designs and logos and names. They are also benefiting from the marketing efforts of the trademarked companies.

    Designer inspired bags are perfectly fine and legal to purchase. I have seen some that are quite attractive with good leather and oversized padlocks. They don't say/steal "Chloe" and this makes them legal.

    The price of bags on Ebay drops during the summer months. It is realistic to find gently used authentic Chloe Paddingtons around $800 this time of the year as well.

    Good luck to you in your search. :flowers:
  6. thank for all the advice. I won't ask how you can tell a real paddy on ebay from a fake, as I know there are separate threads for that. lordguinny, although I like the shape and color of the paddy, a lot of what I like is the leather and the feel and the smell and the "heaviness" if you know what I mean, so my feeling is that a lot of the "inspired by" bags just won't cut it. It's not necessarily about the name Chloe, persay. I suppose I should save up my money and keep hunting for a real one at a bargain. Ahh I am just so impatient! By the way, does anyone know if stores like Neiman Marcus or norstroms will sell chloe bags at a discount for some reason like the customer returned it with a defect or some such thing?
  7. They don't discount for defects. However, this June (and December) are the months that they get rid of their inventory. Chloes were marked 50 percent off in some cases. So if you can save up a little over 1k, you can get a real chloe from Nordstrom.
  8. does emporio-moda sell real bags?
  9. No, I don't think so. The pictures look like they've been horked from NM. There's a good guide on authentic sites here:
  10. If you want to have the feel, smell and weight of a real you won't be happy with a fake because those don't have it. There isn't a fake I came across even the superfakes who don't give it away that they are not real. believe me you can always tell the differnce. I would buy one now because there are great sales out there or wait for a used one. I would not judge anybody what they're doing with their money but I have to admit that I smile inside when I see someone with a fake bag and t makes me appreciate my rael one even more and nobody can take away the feeling when you go into the store after saving up for a long time and going out with your baby. That is a feeling that money can't buy.
  11. What color are you looking for? Chicbags posted about a Juane on sale at Kirna Zabete for $770 - brand new! It's really pretty yellow/tan color. You could call Kirna (number is in the post) and see if they have other colors available. They just marked down their Chloe bags to 50% off!