Silly question

  1. So... when you go to the boutique and you want to see something that comes in PM, MM, and GM sizes, do you actually ask to see it in the "Petit Modele, Moyen Modele or Grande Modele" or do you just ask to see it in the small, medium, large model OR do you just point and say "Can I see that one?" lol :flowers:
  2. I'd just ask for PM, MM or GM...cute question :p
  3. I ask to see the PM MM GM
  4. i ask to see them by letters. i think i would make a total ass out of myself trying to say moyen modele LOL
  5. i just normally ask in the way that i feel most comfortable at the time
  6. I ask GM< etc
  7. When I'm in the store I'm normally drooling so if I were to attempt the full name I'd look ridiculous. So I just ask for PM, MM and GM.
  8. oh wow ok that;s what it stands for! i didn't knew that. thanks for the info. i can't memorize which is which so i might just end up looking like a know it all so i usually say the small one or the big one. hehe.
  9. :lol::lol::lol:I too would feel like a pompous ass trying to enounciate the french correctly!!:lol::lol:
  10. i usually go in and look at the catalogue and point it out...:p
  11. I ask to see the PM, MM or GM, my french is quite rusty!
  12. When I came to the store to pick up my Trevi PM, I said: I'm here for the Trevi PM I have put on hold. And when I was playing with it I asked to see the "bigger one".
  13. pm, mm or gm
  14. pm, mm or gm ;)