Silly Question

  1. Ive made it very clear to my husband that i want coach for xmas, but there isnt a local store.
    So i have armed him with my Dillards card and sent him out.
    Now my silly question.. When u buy a bag from a department store do u get the famous brown box and dustbag?
  2. [:nogood:NO BOX:tdown:]. [ :yes:YES DUSTBAG:tup:]. At least at Macy's, I had never gotten a box, they just put the purse in its dustbag and then place it into a shopping bag. BUMMER!!!!
  3. The boxes are really nice so that you can put the bag away when your not using it. It keeps it nice and safe.
  4. My fiance' bought me a coach bag from Dillards for my birthday recently, and I got the brown box with the dust bag.
  5. Ya you got the dustbag but no box :girlsigh:
  6. I know that macy's for a fact does not give you a box but i had read somewhere in here that you don't get boxes when you buy from a dept store but you do get a dust bag.
  7. I bought a mini skinny from Dillards and it came in a brown Coach box. Of course, no dust bag being that it was a mini skinny! But you should at least get a dust bag with your bag.

    ETA: I should have said
  8. the macys from south coast plaza in california is giving the brown coach boxes with ribbon and all! Very pretty.
  9. its really just a game of luck !
  10. no box but yes on dustbag
  11. but there is always ordering online!
    and i think you can call coach, at least i know you can ask for them in the store, and if they have any extra, they'll give you one!
  12. well ive never recieved a box before and i did a store order and was so excited about getting a box with the cute bow and everything.

    when i opened the box my heart broke it was just wrapped in coach paper. :sad:

    i wish you luck in getting a box i sure know i want one
  13. you always get a dustbag w/your purses. and if not i think you can call jax and they'll send you one
  14. I think you have to ask for the box, they might carry them in the back.