Silly Question????

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  1. Do you guys keep your Louis Vuitton boxes? I've acquired quite a few LV boxes and have them stuffed in a closet. Somebody please tell me that it's okay to throw them out; I can't seem to do it. :upsidedown: If anyone else does keep them do you do anything creative with them?
  2. It's good for holiday season, i've send out quite a bit for RAOK event. or you can sell it on *bay-yes people actually buy those boxes, ribbon and shopping bag.
  3. People buy them.....that's unreal!!!:okay:
  4. I don't think you should sell them, people use your real box to put FAKE bags in to sell them! I do keep some of them, and I use some to store my bags in. Some have used the drawer boxes to make jewelry boxes out of. They glue them together, it is really cute actually!
  5. I use mine to store anything that needs storing :biggrin:
  6. hi, i wonder if you want to get rid of boxes, i love collecting them. :graucho:
  7. I only have a few. I wish I had a box for every bag I owned.
  8. i keep them... but i give them out as part of the raoks or for regifting for other people in the year. cruel joke to make them think there's LV inside, but beats having to find boxes or gift wrapping it all! lol.

    i also use some to store all my receipts, cards, etc.. and some others to store generic things like notes, letters, etc etc. :smile:
  9. I stack them up for my kitty to play in them. He likes how the "castle" is different and new everytime.:smile:
  10. I keep them all. They are soo well made it'd be a shame to toss them. I also keep the bag for trips to wherever. Makes it more glamourous.
  11. Most of my eBay purchases didn't come with boxes so I would love to have some for storage too! :graucho: I've actually contemplating buying a few, but haven't done so yet. It's actually kinda frustrating...I've watched a few auctions, but they always seem to get pulled off by eBay.
  12. I use to keep mine, but my rooms tiny and decided to get rid of them. But my mom kept them and uses them in her classroom. I do kept the smaller boxes and store my accessories that I'm not using at the moment.
  13. So do I.
  14. I like to keep mine and just stack them up in my closet. For some reason I just can't part with them.
  15. i keep all of mine. some i use to store bags in, the rest my mom takes them to put her craft supplies in since they are so durable :smile: