Silly question?

  1. This might sound silly but while I was driving in the car I was trying to figure out which outfit I wanted to wear, and which make up I would use.

    Then I remembered someone told me years ago, "Don't wear eyeshadow that matches your top." So I've been steering clear of it. (sometimes I don't because I think it looks good together, and I usually just keep the same basic eyeshadow colors on that match everything..) Why are we not suppose to match them? And once were not suppose to, then what do we base our shadow color on?!

    Thanks in advanced for your advice!!
  2. Ive heard this from a lot of people too. Apparently it looks tacky? I go to a catholic highschool with uniforms and sometimes Ill wear a little bit of lilac shadow to match my purple oxford. When done right I think it looks fine!
  3. well if it looks tacky, what do we match our eyeshadow color too?? IMO if im wereing black and red w/ blue eyeshaows THAT looks tacky! hahaa.
  4. Lol yes it would! But Im talking about exact shade. Like if you had a brown shirt and brown shadow the exact same color it wouldnt look good. But it you wore a brown shirt but had maybe a tan shadow, it would look great!
  5. OK- I am a total rule breaker lmao! I heard this forever ago and was like "what??" it makes no sense. Most of the time I dont wear any eyeshadow at all. But when I do-I match it to my shirt color:shame:. I wonder how many people look at me and say "She look so tacky!" lmao!
  6. I think eyeshadow looks the best when it's done to accentuate the color of your eyes. If you look at a color wheel, the color opposite your eye color is supposed to be the best match to bring out the color of your eyes and make them pop. and in my humble opinion (sorry if this offends anyone) I don't think overly "colorful" eyeshadow look too good in most cases... natural colors/earth tones usually look the best, you want to accentuate your natural beauty, not look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. :flowers:
  7. haha mimi, loves that!
  8. when and if i do decide to wear eyeshadows similar to my top, i always do a shades lighter to that color. or i stick to my natural colors. ha, im too scared ill be "tacky" like mimi. haha
  9. Stupid rules. Wear whatever you want if you think it looks good on you. Everyone has their own sense of style. I personally think it looks cute. That is, if the eyeshadow colour and the outfit look good.
  10. Cosmo just had an article about matching your shadow to your clothes and how good it can look :smile:

  11. I went through a phase when I would match my eyeshadow to my top. I thought it was cute but looking back I realize I must've looked really silly with certain colors. I think it all depends on your complexion and features. I believe some people can get away with pretty much any shade out there whereas others (like me) should stay with bronze!
  12. Well yikes that really depends. I have a bright magenta cashmere top but no way would I wear magenta eyeshadow, LOL. I think you have to balance between something that works with your eye color and your outfit both.

    For example, with that magenta top I wear smokey grey shadow. Last night when I went dancing I wore a jersey dress with brown tones so instead of grey shadow I wore deep smokey green shadows...very deep pine green.
  13. Well, if that rule is true, then I've been breaking it my whole life LOL. I don't really "match" it per se, but I do choose colours in the same family, or the same colour in a different shade (lighter/darker).
  14. Makeup should compliment your skintone and eye color. What you are wearing is relevant only with regard to complimenting your skintone.

    In my case however, I'm lucky to have chameleon eyes. Depending on what I wear, my eyes can look anywhere from medium blue to emerald green. Because of that I actually have to bear in mind what I'm planning to wear when I'm doing my eyeshadow or it can get a bit weird looking! I usually play it safe and go with light browns or burgundy-brown.