Silly question..what do you wear to an LV COCTAIL PARTY?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I have commited to go with a friend to an LV coctail party (grrr...hate her)...I usually ignore LV's invites because I'm too shy and I hate to dress up.

    What should I wear? Jeans with nice top ok? Do I have to wear a dress and strappy heels?

    Help please, I wanna look the part.
  2. Anything you want! As long as you have a killer bag with you is all that matters!!!:graucho:
  3. At Toronto gathering, people were wearing whatever you'd wear out shopping. No one was really overdressed for the occasion.
  4. Awwws, I wish I can borrow a Miroir Speedy....that'd be my killer bag.

    I guess I'd settle for my old spring street then.

    But really, will I look out of place if I wear jeans? Oh how I hate going to these coctail thingies...
  5. Jeans are just fine. That's what I wore.:yes:
  6. I think casual chic is fine. I think it looks silly to dress up for something like that. Almost like your trying to hard. I think the clothes should be a backdrop to the bag. The bag is the important part! :smile:
  7. Have fun! Don't worry...:yes:
  8. Thanks you all. Jeans it will be plus a nice top with a bling bling bag. Ummm, might have to wear my diamonds? I guess nice jewelry is a must? It would look funny if I carry an LV bag with my finger bare right?

    Awwws, sorry guys..this will be my first LV party and these kinda parties are just not my thing......

    I am just a simple girl with an extravagant taste in bags :s

    Am glad I have you girls to ask this silly question of mine.
  9. One more question, do I have to wear LV bag to an LV coctail party? Can I bring another bag? Will the LV SAs feel insulted? Silly me...please help.

    Thanks in advance.
  10. Carry your favorite LV bag and have fun and tell us all about it....jeans with a nice top would look good....dress nice and have fun.....
  11. In this's all about the BAG!
  12. Ooooh, I'm so jealous! I would love to go to one of those. I so wish we had an LV around here :crybaby:

    I think jeans would be fine. Rock your best LV!!
  13. Girls, since its all about the bag....

    which bag is more appropriate for the coctail?

    1. Houston vernis or spring street or mat webster st?

    2. a Balenciaga bag perhaps?
  14. Oh the vernis is lovely
  15. You should wear LV IMO....what color is the Houston??