Silly question : water stains

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  1. Please excuse my silly question, but I'm studying all my options for the Vachetta of my new Speedy b (letting it be, conditioning, protecting...). I don't mind taning at all, but I would hate water stains...

    So I wondered : why one wouldn't wet all the vachetta of the bag, once, carefully and more importantly : evenly. Wouldn't it prevent future water stains ?

    I won't be able to avoid rain during winter, as I live in Normandy, in France. It is really rainy here :biggrin:

    Thanks for reading my stupid question :biggrin:

    (In my hurry, I posted it in the wrong sub forum... Sorry...)
  2. Wetting the vachetta once and then allowing it to dry and then walking into a rain shower will not immune the leather from waterspots. It just doesn't work that way.

    Also, water on leather generally tends to dry it out by removing its natural “oils.”
  3. Ok, thanks for your quick answer :biggrin:
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question about a different type of water stain. A bottle of water accidentally spilled inside my damier ebene speedy, so the red fabric now has an ugly outline of where the water had spilled inside. Please help me figure out a DIY home remedy for cleaning this water stain. Thanks in advance, friends!