Silly Question... should I keep both????

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  1. Is it weird to have 2 of the same bag???? I was dying to have a tokidoki bag when I saw the carnival print in the fall.... I bought it of course... but now I saw the celebraizone print for $84 at Macys and bought that too.... the disco boy just was tooo cute... and the donut looking girl adorable.... So needless to say - now I have 2 carezza bags in different prints... I can't decide if it's weird to keep them both.... even my boyfriend thought they were just the cutest things and I should keep them.... maybe some new prints or styles will come out and I should just keep one.... any ideas??? I should post pics... I'll have to try again....
  2. Keep them! you got it at a great price! To me the prints makes each bag special. Sometimes Carnival goes with an outfit better then then Celebraizone or vice versa. :wlae:

    I should talk, I have a small collection and have a few duplicates styles.
    Two Campaggio in fumo and Pirata.
    Two Stellina in orginal print and Vacanze.
    Two Bambinone in inferno and paradiso

    Now Two sorriso in celebraizone and concerto punk! and luv them all! :nuts:

    Or u can still always ebay it:okay:
  3. Keep both. Sure they're same style but in different color themes, one in neon orange-yellow brights the other basically in blues.
  4. I agree with the other posters that you should keep them both! I myself just bought 3 carezzas at the sample sale- one in concerto punk, one in eco mondo, and one in carbone- because I love this bag style and the prices were great :jammin:
  5. having two will make you less neurotic about using the bags. if you ding or damage one, you still have the other in reserve. it's like an insurance policy!!!! for those of us that live in fear of damaging our precious tokidokis, having extras is a good thing!

    wish i coulda bought three carezzas at the sample sale!!!!!
  6. talkativeone: another "pro" for keeping both carezzas is that this style is being discontinued when the new prints (leo, discoteca & geometric girl) start coming out in February.

    Bunnyville: ^^ That's why I stocked up on them at the sample sale! I :heart: this bag style because it so closely resembles the zucca, which was one of my favorites from the original Tokidoki for LeSportsac line.
  7. Thanks so much everybody!!! I will keep them - especially since even my boyfriend told me I was stupid to return one : )))) For him to say it - real shocks me since he thinks I have toooooo many bags!! They are just so cute I could stare at them all day!! I really didn't need another obsession in life.... oh well.... I can't wait to see the new prints!!!! Feb is my bday month - another bag maybe ;)

  8. are there any pics of the new prints - I really would love to see them :smile:
  9. No, not weird at all to have the same style of bag in two different prints!!! I have the Amica in Carnival and Concerto Punk and I'm debating on getting it also in the Celebraizone print. If you love the bag shape, then get it in multiple colors/prints!!!
  10. :coolpics: Your carezzas are both fabulous! I can see why you had a hard time deciding which one to keep!
  11. I say keep both too! The print placements are pretty cute IMO, I love the donut girl! You wouldn't want to kick yourself later for returning one when you had both in your hands...and at great prices!
  12. In the light of the new collections missing the Carezzas, you should keep both even if you feel the need to part with one. You can sell that later when Toki fans realize they are missing the Carezzas. Will probably be worth more later, but not now. Just like the way prices of Mama Mias shot up like crazy.