Silly question... Should I Buy This????

  1. pretty bag!! hmm...tough there reason to think the 07 will be off white? I personally would go for a brand new one but if u decide on this bag, this one does seem pretty new from the pic...:s
  2. The 07 Swatch for Blanc/White looks kind of off-white to me and I thought someone had posted that here also about the 07 White being kind of
    off-white ???
  3. Anyone???
  4. If this bag is the color you want, and you trust the seller, then I would say go for it, as it's available now and you'll save a few pennies...
  5. PS - have the whites varied season to season?
  6. That is what I was wondering also! I'm sure someone posted that they thought the 07 White wasn't going to be "as white" and from the look of the 07 Swatch that is what I am thinking also.

    I definitely want a White City but not sure what to do b/c I have that Credit to use but I don't want to end up with an Off-white bag and might have to use it on something else anyway then ... ahhh, if I only had a crystal ball! :P
  7. With all the new colors coming out, I think using up your credit won't be all that difficult ;)
    The auction you posted looks good to me, and below retail too...
  8. mmm i really dont know how the march color differs from the winter one? :confused1: even mine's color was hard to capture in pics :sad: i would say dear if u have seen this color IRL before and have liked it.. then go for it:smile: else i would recommend that check the current winter white color in store and see if u fall in love with it :nuts: :yes: so at least when u order.. you get a color u know ;)
  9. I'm not a fan of lighter colored bags much, but the more of see of white Bbags, th emore I want one eventually. Maybe you can get the seller to drop the price a bit more? I say go for it.
  10. I would get it and use my credit for something else. Or you could wait and then if the bag is not white enough wait till the next line of colors comes out. Sorry not much help am I.
  11. I think I would prefer wait for the SS07...
  12. I think the bag is gorgeous and if you love it then get it!!! I would! Then again if I mull over something for too long that means I should get it. :drool:
  13. She said she would include the Shipping in the BIN, thats almost $200 off Retail... good enough deal do you guys think?
  14. It's a beauty. Go for it.