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  1. Hi!

    Last weekend I bought my very first LV- a Cles! I thought it would be the perfect thing to start me off with.

    It's gorgeous and I love it, but do have a slightly embarrassing question... How do you open the keyring bit of it? My mum and I have both been trying to get it open, but can't manage it! Is there a trick to it?

    I've attached a picture of it- I'm sorry for such a bad quality picture; it's just to give you an idea of what I'm referring to. It has got a hinge on it, but it doesn't seem to open like a regular hinge, unless it's just very stiff. Any thoughts?

    I'm sorry for asking such a silly question- thank you in advance for any help.
    Snapshot 2008-01-13 14-34-18.jpg
  2. push it inside..i have no idea how to explain this :p
    in the picture, the part that is on the right..push that to the middle of the keychain thingie
    i hope you know what i mean!

    and i had the same problem when i bought my cles ;) good luck!
  3. Yep!!
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