Silly question: How to open Cadena?

  1. Sorry to post it here, but I have no idea why I can't open my hippo cadena. I bought a Hippo cadena , but I don't know how to open it. I assume that you just pull up one side and turn it like a lock to open it,right? But I tried to pull up on side and it doesn't move at all, does this mean it is defective?

    thanks a lot :heart:
  2. Hi Chloe, no your cadena is not defective. The Hippo cadena has a screw-type opening so try unscrewing the base first (where the hippo's head is). HTH.
  3. Oh, i got it. Thank you so much for the fast response.Now I can use it.:wlae:
  4. :tup: Cool. The hippo is so cute!
  5. me loves my hip-ohhhhhh!
  6. [​IMG]

    I like the duck one!
  7. Lyanna, do you mean the 1992 Pelican? Goodness, you're right, it does look like a duck! This charm is precious! We live on the ocean and there are numerous pelicans around. I've kind of adopted the pelican as my special ocean creature and I admire them so much.

    I feel you would enjoy one of these, if you are into the charms/cadenas although this one is a little heavier and bulkier than many of the others. It's still very sweet:love:
  8. Oh darn it's a pelican? :blush: Well, whatever it is, I really like it! :upsidedown: Thanks for telling me, isus. ;) :heart: You live on the ocean?! Like on a ship? That's so cool!
  9. Hee Hee ... beware the duck teasing tomorrow ....
  10. Ha! In the picture above, it DOES look like a duck! A duck wearing a hat! I can see why Lyanna thought it was.....:yes:

    Yes, we have a small condo right near the fact, the water comes up almost to our building which is at an inlet. We don't live there right now, but visit and have lunch, walk on the's about 3 miles from our house so it works out nicely.....and, I just love my Pelican friends there!!

  11. Wahhh that's so romantic. My dream life. :tup:

    MrsS: :p
  12. glad it worked out, when i got my lv cles, i went psycho because i couldn't open it i eventually realized you had to pull down. shhhh.