silly question for speedy newbie!

  1. sorry if this is a dumb question, but im a speedy newbie!

    i just got the azur speedy :yahoo: im wondering, what do u guys do w/ the little lock that comes w/ it?
  2. Some people hang it off the little side tab (the one with the hole). Others completely take it off.....I guess over time the lock can rub against the leather and actually put black marks on the leather (this hasn't happened to me yet though).
  3. What ever you want ;)

    Somepeople leave it on the tab...some don't (for fear it will tarnish the tab)...but whatever you like is fine.
  4. Oh...and CONGRATS on your new speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I keep mine on the little tap but it can stretch it so ... Anyway, I think it looks great, like little speedy bling!
  6. Oh, and congrats on your new baby :yahoo:
  7. i keep mine on the tab, with the keys dangling from it :yes:
  8. that sounds cute!!!
  9. i keep mine on the tab too. it adds a little something special i think. congrats on your speedy btw!!
  10. i completely remove it because it deforms the hole and that leaf, also leaving a black mark on the hole. it does look cute on, don't get me wrong, but i'm thinking of the future of my bag here! LOL
  11. the keys don't fall off?

    i keep mine on the tab too but i put the keys in my LV key holder.
  12. no, because the key is IN the lock anyway
  13. it's not a silly question and congrats on your new speedy!

    i'm actually in dilemma myself cuz at first i had the lock on the tab but noticed that it did leave black mark on the tab. so i took it off for now but i also don't want the tab to flip up with time either (without any weight i noticed it does that).
  14. congrats on your speedy! this is also my first speedy and I was wondering the same thing. I was just going to leave it there but thinking it would leave marks/or ruin the leather in time. Maybe I'll take it off after reading about it leaving marks.
  15. I carry mine with the lock on with the key in the lock. When it's in the duster the lock and key are inside the bag (to keep from stretching out the lock hole)