silly question? Buying at a coach store...

  1. I have always bought my bags online or at an outlet (& we had no coach store for 4 hours!) so I just experienced this for the first time when a coach store opened up 45 minutes away!!!!(yaya!!)

    Anyway, I bought a bag by just telling the SA I wanted a certain one and I pointed to it and she asked my name and went and got it. Is that wrong? when you see something you want do you carry the item around and ask a SA? Do you just say you want it? Do you take it to the register in order to get one? What's the proper way?

    Also, after I made my purchase the SA stepped around to the front of the counter and handed me the bag personally (instead of just on the counter). Never saw that done before. Why do they do it?

    Just wondering :shrugs:
  2. I always pick the bag up and try it on right there on the spot. The SAs always let me do that. otherwise, they would not be within the customers reach and around large mirrors.
  3. You can just pick up the bags or ask for assistance if you can't reach it. If you want to buy one, they check if they have it in the backroom and if it not, they sell the one on display. As for handing you the bag personally around the counter, they are just trying to provide good customer service.. I think they started this a few years ago... I see other stores also do that as well.
  4. Sounds like mabey they might have high security causes (Not that you would steal anything, or something) To keep more people from stealing bags they might have a SA help you for giving it to to like limits a person's ability to reach over the counter, so they cant steal from the register.
  5. In my experiences, I have always handled, tried on and opened the floor displays. There are normally at least 2 SA's wanting to help you decide or chat. When you have decided they go get you one from the back. My store's discourage buying the displays as they have been handled so much, but you can if you want to. Usually they just order it for you and it is shipped free to your home or the store whiever you prefer. I kinda prefer that because then it comes all giftwrapped! I always ask for a box if it something they have in stock. I keep my bags not only in the dustbag but also box.
  6. I always walk up to the counter and tell them which bag I'd like if there hasn't been a specific SA helping me. I of course open them and play with the pockets and try them on, but when I make a decision I leave it at the display and just inform them about the one I'd like. The handing of the bag thing around the desk is just a good practice of customer service. Instead of shoving it at your face across the counter they come around and give it to you hand-level. I like that!
  7. If a person wanted to swipe stuff from the register, it would be just as easy to walk around their little counter as it would be to hurl yourself over the counter at the cash drawer. Hehe. They just bring it around for you as a good customer service thing. It's a lot more personal to hand someone a bag with their purchase than to slide it across a counter and say "thanks enjoy your bag" :nuts:
  8. yes, i could see where that comes into play xP Im geting my frist bag ofline though! im only 88.00 away from it being mine!
  9. I guess I'm not really sure what you are asking here. What is wrong with pointing at what you want and having her bring it to you? Anyway, when I see something I want, usually an SA will be standing nearby and I can ask questions about it and if I want it, the SA will just bring one out from the back.

    They do it as a forum of courtesy to you. Most stores like Coach and high-end stores do that.
  10. I handle the bag first & tell the SA if I want it or not. If there isn't a SA around at the time or they are all busy I'll just roam around somemore & make sure that's the one I want. You just tell them what you want then they will do the rest, my SA usually gets it from the back room, lets me inspect the one I'm purchasing, then she'll put it behind the counter so I can browse for more things. As for giving you the shopping bag beside the counter instead of on top of the counter is just courtesy. What bag did you purchase..I would love to know?
  11. Normally I like to browse and try things on before I buy. When I am ready, I will bring the bag to an SA and they normally get me one from the back. And yes, the Coach SAs that I have dealt with have always walked around the counter to give me my package. On certain days when I buy more than usual, the SA will sometimes continue to chat with me and walk with me to the door.
  12. I like the fact that they bring your bag from the backroom, since I don't care for the ones that have been handled by everyone. And coming around the sales counter and bringing you your purchase is just an extra and very nice step in customer service.
  13. I have gone into several and they never asked my name until I made a purchase. I am suprised that they didn't open a package in front of you for inspection. If it's not right, they try to get a good one. They always bring the bag around and give it to you.
  14. Hehe, at the three Coach stores I go to on a regular basis they never ask for my name right away but I'm always greeted with something like, "Weren't you just in here?" I always chit-chat with the girls a lot - I told one lady about tPF and then she even asked me if I was looking for PT work! LOL!
  15. 1. I usually pick up the bag I want and walk around the store with it on and put my stuff inside to get a good feel of the bag. I pose in front of the mirror and all that silly stuff. Once I decide I just tell the girl and she goes in the back to get a new bag. They never give you the display bag.

    2. Coach just recently started doing that, but LV does that all the time (or at least here they do). I think it's great customer service, especially if they call you by name (which they should). It's also good because if I'm doing tons of shopping, its much easier to have a bag handed to me than to try to grab it off the counter and have to either set my other bags down or fumble and bump around to get a hold of everything.